My Twist on Tropical Fish

Ever wonder what you could do with those extra parts and pieces you have in containers?  I happened to pick up a polymer start to a bead and decided to do something else with it.  I may never know why it reminded me of tropical fish but it did.  This was my opportunity to experiment, create and learn.  
These are polymer shells I learned to make in Dan Cormier's class and as it happens I got carried away and made several I did not use.  They make great fish bodies!  Next a little research -  I wanted my fish to be somewhat accurate (yes with lots of poetic license!) I started going through some of my old polymer canes and making some new colors and textures and the fun began!  Just coat the baked shells with liquid polymer and start applying textures and colors.  Once the fish were finished.....ok it was so much fun I may have to make more!...I needed seagrass to anchor them in the visual story.Long strands of seagrass came from usin…

Challenge: A Large Polymer Clay Bowl

A challenge!  That's what I need to take me away from the world's overwhelming daily concerns.  So I wondered how big of a polymer clay bowl I could make.  What could I use for a form?  What technique would I use?  How much clay would it take and what would fit in my oven? You've seen my 'Small Bowls for Little Things' on my Facebook Page (  and in my Etsy shop (  If not, please take a look!  Those same questions were ones I had to answer when I started making the small bowls except in the other extreme.  How small could I make a bowl and it still be useful, what form to use and what technique?  One of my favorite bowls is a handmade Mexican pottery bowl with a scalloped edge.  It just fits in my little oven if I take the rack out.  I can use some of my large 3" cane slices that were left over from a Christmas ornament project as they will add interest.  The plan develops …

A Presentation of a Brief Overview of Polymer Clay

This week I made a presentation to members of Mountain Artists Guild here in Prescott AZ of some of the things I've made from polymer clay.  The purpose was to expend the members knowledge a about the many possibilities of this wonderful medium.  I wanted to share my slides with you hoping to also expand and inspire you!